Show Week is Here!

We’ve been a bit quiet on our social media over the weekend and I thought i’d just take a mo’ to explain why.

On Friday, we had what’s called our ‘stumble run’ going through the entire show from start to finish with the actors. Quite a feat considering we only started rehearsing 4 days before! We have also had 3 get together’s of our brilliant band to go over the music together and get used to their parts.

On Saturday the cast spent the morning singing at Tesco’s in Tring, entertaining the morning shoppers and handing out some flyers. The afternoon was spent with dance rehearsals and costume fittings.

Yesterday (Sunday), was an important one, whilst the cast had a much needed rest day, the crew and production team went to the Theatre to start to set up the space. This involved arranging all costume in the dressing rooms, getting the rigging down and new lights up, constructing the set, painting (a lot of painting!), getting the sound and lighting desks up and running and maybe the eating of a few doughnuts in there just to keep us going.

We’ll share some pictures with you soon, but for now we’re trying to keep it a surprise from the cast so shhhh!

Every year it amazes me that this bunch of young people can be so professional and knowledgeable and innovative when working in the theatre, if there’s a problem we’ll stop, think about it, come up with a solution and suddenly the hive of activity is back up and running.

Today is the day when everything really starts to come together, the cast are working in the theatre from now on, the technical and stage crews working with and around them and then you throw the backstage team, band and front of house team in there as the week goes on and it all becomes a well-oiled machine.

We can’t wait for opening night! Just give us a few days to finish everything off first!

Hannah – Company Manager