Behind the Scenes with – the Stage Manager….

As we enter Day 2 or Rehearsals for our summer show ‘The Producers’; our Stage Manager – Charlotte Dukes-  gives you an insight into what it’s like working behind the scenes… 

“Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am really excited to be stage manager for AVYT’s 10th year musical, ‘The Producers’. As stage manager, my role is to source props, find stage crew and manage the running of the show.

My preparations for the show began a few months ago. I started off by reading the script and meeting with the rest of the production team to discuss ideas and requirements for the show. Leading up to rehearsals, my main focus has been to source and make props. I have also been working with other departments (e.g. Costume and technical) to help provide some of the things on my list and the cast have also kindly donated some items.

I really enjoy rehearsals, where I  bring all of the props that I have gathered so far and take notes on all aspects of the show, such as where props are set and the changing of the set itself (which is all very exciting and currently top secret! 😉).

AVYT is such a fun experience ‘The Producers’ is going to be such a brilliant show – there’s still time for you to get involved”


If, like Charlotte, you want to get involved we are still looking for stage hands to help behind the scenes. Send us a message to or on the contact form here for more info.